10 Things I Emailed My Child Before She Was Born

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately had so many things to say to my future baby! I remember seeing family members journaling to their unborn babies and loved the idea – but journals get lost. And it is  2017 – so email seemed like the logical place to constantly tell my baby how much I love her  share precious thoughts and memories for her to treasure when she is older. I highly recommend everyone set up an email for their child. My husband and I knew our daughter’s name the day we found out her gender at 18 weeks and I set up the email right after. If you don’t know your child’s name, you can always do the year they are born and the last name combo.

So far, it has been fun and is working out well. Somehow time still slips through my fingers and I realize it has been months since my last email. Where does the time go? My brother says it is the same place as money goes and I believe him.

Oh, and one other thing – I shared her email with her grandparents and aunts/uncles. They have sent her a few quick notes with picture attachments. In Gmail, I have all messages from them filtered automatically into folders like “Grandma” or “Mom”. This way, one day when she can read we can pick a sender and start reading messages sequentially from them.

On to the reason for this post!! To encourage anyone who might be on the fence about doing this, I wanted to make it easy to have some email ideas off the bat. Some people I have told about this have mentioned they aren’t sure what they would write, so here are a few ideas:

1. Places visited while pregnant

Whenever I went somewhere special, my favorite restaurants or on a work trip to Scotland – I let her know how excited I was to share these memories with her one day. When I was in Scotland, I got deliriously sick and had to climb hundreds of stairs with her foot in my ribcage. But, technically, she had already been to Scotland before she was born – and I thought that was pretty cool! In the emails there are pictures attached so if she goes to any of these places one day she will know Mom was there too.

2. How I met her Dad

While I am sure she won’t care for quite a few years, I wanted to document for her when and how I met her Dad. He is, after all, the reason I have her. I want my emails to her to be something long lasting that she could reference when that day comes where I might not be able to answer her questions.  It’s also important to me that she can see there was this whole other life I had before her, almost 30 years in fact.

3. Pictures of the nursery

This one is fun! Showing her the work and excitement we put into her first room will definitely be fun for her to look back on. In our case, we moved pretty suddenly when she was only 6 months old – so the room we first made will seem foreign to her. Adding some comments about your favorite parts, or anything handmade for him/her would be a great touch!

4. Favorite outfits

When I was pregnant, I was so excited to buy baby clothes! I even took it a step further and bought a few toddler items. Email you newest addition some of your favorite outfits for him/her and where or who they came from. When they are older they may recognize them from other pictures.

5. Prayers for her

During those 9 months I prayed for so many things. For her future husband, for her health, for us to know what the heck we were doing… for her to be bright and love other people. Share some of those prayers. One day, your child will see how much love, energy and thought went into you becoming their parent.





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