Get Your Mom On™

Get Your Mom On™ represents the many different facets of being a mom first and a wife, friend, employee, student and housekeeper second. Work it Momma specially commissioned this graphic to represent the challenges we face as working moms. This role is almost impossible to do well and often times you can lose yourself in the chaos. We encourage YOU to be the exception of this. Don’t lose yourself into mom-dom (a fictitious land of moms barely hanging on to sanity that only live, sleep and breathe for their kids). Well, I guess don’t lose yourself completely, because let’s face it – those tiny faces are cute! During those moments when you want to retreat into your mom-dom, hold strong to your beliefs, your passions, your marriage, your friends, and your job. Get Your Mom On™ because only a mom can pull off so much at once, and do it in a way that makes YOURSELF proud.

Work it Momma was started to provide a little community, relief, entertainment, and fun for all the hard working mommas out there, Join our following and let us help you be the best mom, wife, friend, child of God, employee, housekeeper, and all around dream chaser. Go to our store for our official Get Your Mom On™ merchandise. Every sale goes into fueling more fun and entertaining content, resources for busy moms, giveaways, freebies and more! Help us help all moms, because we are in this together.

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Hi, I am Rachel!

Thank you so much for visiting Work it Momma! I juggle being a full-time mom with a career as an E-Commerce Consultant. In my limited “free time” I enjoy building my faith, crafting, cooking, baking and The Bachelor 😉 finding fun activities for the family. I created Work it Momma to connect with other working moms on our fears and failures and turn those moments into ones of inspiration and encouragement. Now let’s Get your mom on™ !

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